Welcome to the Global-PPS data entry environment

This tool is freely available and allows you to enter the collected survey data in the Global-PPS database, to validate and to download feedback reports.

The survey is conducted in two phases:

  1. data collection on the wards using paper data collection forms : see protocol and data collection templates available here
  2. data entry using the web-based Global-PPS tool

The data collection forms are similar to the web-based data entry tool.

Build up your own database ! Consult the IT-manuals (once you are registered and logged in) and proceed step by step.

This video shows you how to create a login and register your hospital when you are participating for the first time.

More instruction videos are available on the 'Instructions' page after registration and logging into the online Global-PPS environment.

The Global-PPS application works best with Google Chrome: freely available here