GLOBAL-PPS - Summary : How to get started

GLOBAL-PPS - Summary : How to get started

The survey is conducted in two phases:

  1. data collection on the wards using the paper data collection forms
  2. data entry using the web-based global-PPS tool

The data collection forms are similar to the web-based data entry tool.

1. Data collection on the wards using the paper data collection forms

see protocol and data collection templates available under

  • Participants are asked to survey each ward within the hospital only once within a predefined period.These periods are Jan-April 2019, May-August 2019 and September-December 2019. Depending on your organization, you decide which wards you would like to survey on which day, BUT, each ward should be completely audited in a single day!
  • Be aware: surgical wards should NOT be surveyed just after a weekend or bank holiday (Monday in Christian countries, Saturday in Islamic countries) in order to capture retrospective information about prophylaxis in the previous 24 hours. This means that patients who got the intervention the day 'before' the PPS, but received the surgical prophylaxis as one dose or one day, will also be included in the survey. For those patients, a patient form (see data collection forms) needs to be completed. Patients who get an intervention on the day of the PPS are NOT included into the survey. See protocol page 7 for explanatory table !
    All other wards can be surveyed on any weekday.
  • During the chosen PPS day, proceed as follows:
    • Copy/print the ward form for each ward under surveillance. Complete the ward specifications and denominators for each ward under surveillance on the day of the PPS (see protocol pages 13-14)
    • Copy/print several patient forms because, for each inpatient occupying a bed at 8AM on the day of the PPS and receiving one or more active/ongoing antimicrobial(s) at 8AM on the day of the survey, a patient form needs to be completed (see protocol pages 14-17). Only record antimicrobials which were prescribed to the patient at 8AM on the day of the PPS.
      • antimicrobials which were prescribed after 8AM are not included.
      • also antimicrobials which were not yet prescribed at 8AM are not included.
  • At the end of the day, you will have for each single/separate ward : 1 ward form together with all the individual patient forms (one form for each patient prescribed an antimicrobial on the day of the PPS) attached.

2. Data entry using the web-based global-PPS tool: proceed STEP BY STEP !

see IT-manual available here

  1. create your login to get access to the Global-PPS programm (go to register). Participants who participated to the 2015, 2017 and/or the 2018 Global-PPS need to use their existing login !
  2. register the hospital (attribute a hospital ID number) : contact global-pps if you can't find the region, county or district for your hospital.
  3. Define first all your departments at institutional level: go to Departments/New. One needs to define ALL departments of the hospital; these will afterwards appear in the drop down boxes during data-entry. Hospitals who participated to the 2015, 2017 and/or 2018 PPS only have to verify whether changes to their departments were done (e.g. a new department needs to bedefined).
  4. Thereafter select the appropriate survey : go to Surveys/Available and select one of the appropriate surveys :
    1. Jan-April 2019 Global-PPS
    2. May-August 2019 Global-PPS
    3. September-December 2019 Global-PPS
    For subsequent data-entry go to Surveys/Subscribed and select your survey again if needed.
  5. Enter first the denominators for the ward(s) under surveillance (go to Surveys/New Ward).
  6. Only thereafter you can enter patient data (go to Surveys/New Patient). You can enter ward and patient data (one by one) whenever collected and completely available on the paper forms.
The Global-PPS program is very well supported by Google Chrome: freely available here Internet explorer causes issues and is not recommended.

What you should know

  • One single person can enter data for more than one hospital
  • The Global-PPS program allows registration of supplementary hospital users in order to help the local main administrator with data- entry. This feature is particularly helpful for bigger hospitals.
  • The Global-PPS program incorporated several checks and validation procedures to ascertain reliable and valid data entry.
  • The Global-PPS program provides a feedback in two different ways:
    • Your data are listed in an excel file : it allows you to verify and analyse your own data.
    • A year and longitudinal feedback report in PDF providing hospital specific antimicrobial prevalence figures plotted against overall mean national and continental results.
  • Direct online data-entry without using the paper data collection forms is also possible using a laptop or tablet. For more information, see the IT manual available online under documents.

Additional documents are available at

  • Protocol and data collection templates (several languages)
  • Some completed data collection forms - English (1 ward and 2 patient data collection forms; hypothetical data).
  • The antimicrobial list enumerates all antimicrobials under surveillance.
  • The Frequent Asked Questions list (FAQ-list) : Enter a keyword in the "Find tab" of the Worddocument (e.g. guideline, compliance) to search faster for information regarding a question you might have. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact
  • The IT-manual helps you to efficiently enter and validate your data
  • Posters and leaflets which help you to promote the study among your network or hospital
  • Power point presentations to help you communicating the method
  • Example of a feedback report